How to Write a Welder Performance Qualification Record

In this article I have discussed how to write a WPQR – short for Welder Performance Qualification Record. This discussion is in reference to Section IX of ASME BPVC. A WPQR is a record of actual events that occurred during a welder’s performance qualification in accordance with ASME Section IX. Below is the suggested format … Read more

Welder Qualification For Corrosion Resistant Overlay

ASME Section IX considers that depositing corrosion resistant overlay requires a different skill than the skill required to weld on groove welds, fillet welds, build ups, etc. Thus, in QW 381, Section IX provides for the stipulations governing the welding performance qualifications for corrosion-resistant weld metal overlays. In this article, we shall discuss various aspects … Read more

Weld Reinforcement In Welder Qualification

This article addresses a couple of questions surrounding the subject of weld reinforcement in welder qualification. I have tried to explore the intent of Section IX on this. Should the weld reinforcement be removed once welding of the welding performance qualification coupon is over? Must it be removed? Is it permitted to remove it? Read … Read more

Weld Thickness For Welder Qualification

In this article I will discuss the subject of qualified weld thickness for welder qualification. This includes the maximum qualified weld thickness and minimum qualified weld thickness. A small section at the end also addresses the qualified base metal thickness for welder qualification, and qualified weld thickness for welding operators as well. Thickness Of Weld … Read more

With And Without Backing For Welder Qualification

Welding without backing takes greater skill on the part of welder. Which is why, Section IX has listed deletion of backing as an essential variable for welder qualification. This article will let you know about the various aspects of with and without backing for welder qualification. The latter half of the article gives some attention … Read more

Multiple Welder Qualifications Through Single Test Coupon

ASME Section IX permits covering multiple welder qualification through single test coupon. In this article, I will discuss various things that must be kept in mind when opting for qualifying multiple welding performance qualifications in a single coupon. A welder must qualify for each of the processes that he intends to use in production welding. … Read more