Welding Electrodes & Filler Metals

Welding consumables are an important part of welding. Having a quality electrode in hand is vital to the quality of joint to be made. In this article, we shall see some aspects of electrodes and filler rods used for welding. The most authoritative classification of welding consumables has been done by American Welding Society (AWS). … Read more

Shielded Metal Arc Welding Electrode Classification System

The classification system for SMAW electrodes is identical between AWS (American Welding Society) and ASME BPVC. In this article, we shall take reference from ASME BPVC Section II Part C for studying various electrode classification. The SMAW electrodes are classified under the following specifications in ASME Section II Part C. SFA 5.1: specification for carbon … Read more

Non-Consumable Electrodes and Other Filler Metals

Non-consumable electrodes are the ones that don’t get consumed during the welding process. An examples of such electrodes is the tungsten electrode used in the gas tungsten arc welding process. Another example is the carbon electrode used in the carbon arc welding process. In this article, we shall discuss in brief about these two non-consumable … Read more

Arc Welding Electrodes

Arc Welding Electrodes. When molten metal is exposed to air, it absorbs oxygen and nitrogen, and becomes brittle or is otherwise adversely affected. A slag cover is needed to protect molten or solidifying weld metal from the atmosphere. This cover can be obtained from the electrode coating, which protects the metal from damage, stabilizes the … Read more

Tungsten Electrode Selection

The selection and preparation of tungsten electrodes for TIG Welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) to use for a particular application depends on many variables, including the type of material to be welded, the welding amperage, and the type of weld, among other factors. Tungsten Electrode Diameters And Lengths Tungsten Electrodes are available in a variety of … Read more

Aluminum TIG Welding Rods

4043 Aluminum TIG welding rods – are uncoated aluminum TIG welding rods that are good for general Aluminum TIG welding. 4043 Aluminum TIG welding filler rods can be used to weld the following Aluminum alloys: 1100, 5052, 6061, and 356 aluminum castings. It is most often used to weld the 6XXX series of alloys. The silicon addition improves puddle … Read more

Tungsten Electrodes

Non-consumable tungsten electrodes for GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)  or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, generally are of several types. Types Of Tungsten Electrodes Tungsten electrodes types and their typical application can be identified by color-coded end marks as follows. Pure Tungsten :  Green 2% Ceriated :  Gray 2% Thoriated : Red 2% Zirconiated : Brown 1.5% Lanthanated … Read more