Arc Welding Aluminum: How to Stick Weld Aluminum

When aluminum is welded with shielded metal-arc welding (SMAW) process, the stick electrodes are heavy coated. The flux does the function of chemically reacting with the aluminium oxide layer, and removing it. Besides this, the flux also performs the function of shielding the arc from atmospheric gases, and forms a slag over the completed weld. The … Read more

Arc Welding Equipment (SMAW)

The equipment needed for shielded metal arc welding is much less complex than that needed for other arc welding processes. Manual welding equipment includes a power source (transformer, dc generator, or dc rectifier), electrode holder, cables, connectors, chipping hammer, wire brush, and electrodes. Arc Welding Parameters. (1) Welding voltage, current, and travel speed are very … Read more