How to Buy Nuclear Quality Welding Consumables

I have been procuring welding consumables for Section III equipment for more than a decade. Section III pertains to nuclear facility components. What should one keep in mind when procuring welding consumables for Section III equipment? How are the requirements any different from welding consumables for fossil boilers or any other pressure equipment? A raw … Read more

Essential Variables for WPS Qualification as per ASME Section IX

Article II of ASME Section IX deals with welding procedure qualifications. Under QW-250 of Article II are contained a number of tables, titled QW-252 to QW-267. Each table is dedicated to a process such as SMAW, SAW, GTAW, and so on. These tables contain a listing of essential variables, supplementary essential variables and non-essential variables … Read more

Supervision & Control of Qualifications to Section IX

Section IX of ASME BPVC has always required that the welding qualifications shall be done under the full supervision and control of the qualifying organization. This roughly meant that the welding of the test coupon must be done under the express direction and control of the organization; while functions such as preparation of coupon, lab … Read more

Commonly Asked Questions On WPS With Toughness Requirement

This article covers only a couple of the questions that get commonly asked pertaining to qualification of WPS with toughness testing. Surely many more interesting issues can be explored around the subject. Do feel free to add your own insights in the comments section below. Using a PQR Qualified With Toughness For Joints Not Requiring … Read more

Welder Qualification For Corrosion Resistant Overlay

ASME Section IX considers that depositing corrosion resistant overlay requires a different skill than the skill required to weld on groove welds, fillet welds, build ups, etc. Thus, in QW 381, Section IX provides for the stipulations governing the welding performance qualifications for corrosion-resistant weld metal overlays. In this article, we shall discuss various aspects … Read more

Administrative Requirements for Welding Qualifications to Section IX

Qualifying your welders and procedure specifications in compliance to ASME Section IX requires knowing Section IX with some intimacy. It is important to know the expectations of the code properly, so that full compliance can be ensured. Section IX lays out both technical as well as administrative requirements. While most welding engineers go to great … Read more

How to Write a Welder Performance Qualification Record

In this article I have discussed how to write a WPQR – short for Welder Performance Qualification Record. This discussion is in reference to Section IX of ASME BPVC. A WPQR is a record of actual events that occurred during a welder’s performance qualification in accordance with ASME Section IX. Below is the suggested format … Read more

How To Write A WPS

This article discusses a few things that a welding engineer must keep in mind while writing a WPS, in accordance with Section IX of ASME BPVC. WPS is short for Welding Procedure Specification. Being a welding engineer myself, I have touched upon a few things that do not find an obvious mention in the Section … Read more