Fillet Weld

This article focusses on fillet welds: what is fillet weld, what electrode size should be used, how many passes should be used etc. Some of the terminology associated with fillet welds has been indicated in the above figure. Some information about fillet welds pertaining to ASME Section IX has been included at the latter stages … Read more

Tee Joint Welding

In welding, knowing different types of joints is important, so that one can choose the right kind of joint for an application. In this article, we shall see in detail about ‘T’ joint welding, the kinds of edge preparation in welding of such joints, and some of the difficulties associated in welding of tee joints. … Read more

Welding And Weld Symbols

Welding cannot take its proper place as an engineering tool unless means are provided for conveying the information from the designer to the workmen. Welding symbols provide the means of placing complete welding information on drawings. The scheme for the symbolic representation of welds on engineering drawings used in this manual is consistent with the … Read more

Types Of Welds And Welded Joints

Welding is a material joining process used in making welds. A weld is a localized coalescence of metals or nonmetals produced either by heating the materials to a suitable temperate with or without the application of pressure or by the application of pressure alone, with or without the use of filler metal. Coalescence is a growing together or a growing … Read more

Welding Print Reading

a. Drawings. Drawing or sketching is a universal language used to convey all necessary information to the individual who will fabricate or assemble an object. Prints are also used to illustrate how various equipment is operated, maintained, repaired, or lubricated. The original drawings for prints are made either by directly drawing or tracing a drawing on … Read more

Welding Process Abbreviations

Some commonly used welding process abbreviations are as follows: Abbreviation Process Name AHW Atomic Hydrogen Welding B Brazing (Capillary Action) BMAW Bare Metal Arc Welding BW Braze Welding (Groove or Fillet) CAC-A Carbon Arc Cutting (Also Gouging) CAW Carbon Arc Welding CAW-G Gas Carbon Arc Welding CAW-S Shielded Carbon Arc Welding CAW-T Twin Carbon Arc … Read more

Parts of a Welding Drawing

Parts of a welding drawing include the following: Title Block. The title block contains the drawing number and all the information required to identify the part or assembly represented. Approved military prints will include the name and address of the Government Agency or organization preparing the drawing, the scale, the drafting record, authentication, and the … Read more