Basic Weld Symbols

Weld symbols and welding symbols are a means of communication between the designer and the welder. Therefore there must be a set of rules regarding representation of information on a welding drawing that must convey same information regardless of who reads it. This article discusses various aspects related to weld symbols and welding symbols. The … Read more

Types Of Joints In Welding

The terms welds and joints are not synonymous. The different types of welds are groove weld, fillet weld, seam weld, flash weld, plug weld, upset weld, spot weld, surfacing weld, etc. These are not joints, but welds. The types of joints are only five, as we shall see in this article. In order to describe … Read more

Tee Joint Welding

It is important to know different types of joints in welding, so that one can choose the right kind of joint for an application. In this article, we shall see in detail about ‘T’ joint welding, the kinds of edge preparation in welding of such joints, and some of the difficulties associated in welding of tee joints. … Read more

Welding: Butt Joints

In welding, butt joints are used to join the edges of two plates or surfaces located in approximately the same plane. Butt joint is the most commonly used in the industry among all joint types. The following figure shows plain square butt joints of various thicknesses. As can be seen, there is no beveling of the two parts in … Read more

Types of Welds

It is important to distinguish between the types of joints and the types of welds in welding. Both are not same. We shall see the difference in this article. Both the weld as well as the joint must be stated to completely describe the weld joint. There are many different types of welds, which are … Read more

Fillet Weld

This article focusses on fillet welds: what is fillet weld, what electrode size should be used, how many passes should be used etc. Some of the terminology associated with fillet welds has been indicated in the above figure. Some information about fillet welds pertaining to ASME Section IX has been included at the latter stages … Read more