Welder Qualification Through Fillet Weld Test Coupon

ASME Section IX permits welding performance qualifications through groove weld coupons as well as fillet weld test coupons. It is for the welding engineer to decide which kind of coupon would be appropriate for his application. In this article we will discuss how to make this choice, and other aspects surrounding welder qualification through fillet … Read more

Retests In Welding Performance Qualification

ASME Section IX provides for immediate retests in welding performance qualification (for both welders and welding operators) if one or more tests do not meet the specified acceptance criteria. The provisions for immediate retesting using mechanical testing, volumetric NDE, and visual examination have been clearly defined in QW 321. This article does not seek to … Read more

Welder Performance Qualification As Per ASME Section IX

In this article, I have discussed some fundamental aspects of a Welder Performance Qualification in accordance with ASME Section IX. The article begins with some of the very basic questions such as what it means to qualify a welder, why should a welder be qualified at all, how to document a welder’s qualification etc. The … Read more