Commonly Asked Questions On WPS With Toughness Requirement

This article covers only a couple of the questions that get commonly asked pertaining to qualification of WPS with toughness testing. Surely many more interesting issues can be explored around the subject. Do feel free to add your own insights in the comments section below. Using a PQR Qualified With Toughness For Joints Not Requiring … Read more

Supplementary Essential Variables As Per ASME Section IX

This article addresses the subject of supplementary essential variables on a WPS, in accordance with ASME Section IX. Various supplementary essential variables, that appear under most processes under QW 250, have been discussed in some detail. At the end, a small portion is included to explain how to carry out requalification of a PQR when … Read more

A-Number On A WPS

This article discusses about the subject of A-Number on a WPS. The article begins with an introduction of A-number, then explains how to apply it vis-à-vis the rules of ASME Section IX. It goes on to explain various methods of determining A-number. Towards the end of the article, it explores a little the question of … Read more

WPS Qualification For Pressure Retaining Fillet Welds

This article lets you know about WPS qualification for fillet welds – pressure retaining as well as non-pressure retaining ones. At the end, a couple of paragraphs also address the subject of performance qualification for pressure retaining fillet welds. Procedure Qualification For Fillet Welds We know that, ordinarily, the WPS qualification for a fillet joint … Read more

Weld Reinforcement In Welder Qualification

This article addresses a couple of questions surrounding the subject of weld reinforcement in welder qualification. I have tried to explore the intent of Section IX on this. Should the weld reinforcement be removed once welding of the welding performance qualification coupon is over? Must it be removed? Is it permitted to remove it? Read … Read more