OxyFuel Fillet Welding

Fillet weld is the easiest way to join two metals. It requires no joint preparation, and can be completed in no time, and is cheaper. Due to this reason fillet weld is a very popular choice of weld among designers. A fillet weld can be used to join all five types of basic joint types: … Read more

Fillet Weld

This article focusses on fillet welds: what is fillet weld, what electrode size should be used, how many passes should be used etc. Some of the terminology associated with fillet welds has been indicated in the above figure. Some information about fillet welds pertaining to ASME Section IX has been included at the latter stages … Read more

WPS Qualification For Pressure Retaining Fillet Welds

This article lets you know about WPS qualification for fillet welds – pressure retaining as well as non-pressure retaining ones. At the end, a couple of paragraphs also address the subject of performance qualification for pressure retaining fillet welds. Procedure Qualification For Fillet Welds We know that, ordinarily, the WPS qualification for a fillet joint … Read more

Welder Qualification Through Fillet Weld Test Coupon

ASME Section IX permits welding performance qualifications through groove weld coupons as well as fillet weld test coupons. It is for the welding engineer to decide which kind of coupon would be appropriate for his application. In this article we will discuss how to make this choice, and other aspects surrounding welder qualification through fillet … Read more