Welding Qualifications: An Interplay

In my workplace, we do three kinds of welding qualifications: The first two welding qualifications are common to any shop engaged in manufacture of Coded components. The third one, the Lot Qualification, is not a requirement of Section IX. Its’ requirement, instead, comes from the construction code (in the case of my shop, Section III). … Read more

Practice Case 9 – Welding Qualification For Tube-To-Tubesheet Welds

This article explores the question of using a WPS qualified on a groove weld for tube-to-tubesheet welding, while using a welder qualified on demonstration mock-ups of QW 193. And vice versa, using a welder qualified on a groove weld for tube-to-tube sheet welding, while using a WPS qualified in accordance with QW 193. The article … Read more

Practice Case 2 – Weld Thickness And Position In Welder Qualification

This article discusses an example of two different performance qualifications in a single coupon. Both the portions are welded by the same welder. The difference between the two portions is that of welding position: one portion is welded in 2G position, while the other in 4G. How are the qualified weld thickness and position to … Read more

Practice Case – 1: Deposited Weld Thickness For Welder Qualification

This article touches upon the the subject of qualified deposited weld thickness for a welder qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX. Consider the following problem asked in Interpretation IX-10-23. A welder was qualified on a groove weld test coupon of 10 mm thickness. The welder deposited 2.5 mm thickness of the groove using E6010 … Read more