Welding Qualifications: An Interplay

In my workplace, we do three kinds of welding qualifications: Welding Procedure Qualification. Welder Performance Qualification. Lot Qualification. The first two welding qualifications are common to any shop engaged in manufacture of Coded components. The third one, the Lot Qualification, is not a requirement of Section IX. Its’ requirement, instead, comes from the construction code … Read more

Practice Case 9 – Welding Qualification For Tube-To-Tubesheet Welds

This article explores the question of using a WPS qualified on a groove weld for tube-to-tubesheet welding, while using a welder qualified on demonstration mock-ups of QW 193. And vice versa, using a welder qualified on a groove weld for tube-to-tube sheet welding, while using a WPS qualified in accordance with QW 193. The article … Read more

Practice Case 2 – Weld Thickness And Position In Welder Qualification

This article discusses an example of two different performance qualifications in a single coupon. Both the portions are welded by the same welder. The difference between the two portions is that of welding position: one portion is welded in 2G position, while the other in 4G. How are the qualified weld thickness and position to … Read more

Practice Case – 1: Deposited Weld Thickness For Welder Qualification

This article touches upon the the subject of qualified deposited weld thickness for a welder qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX. Consider the following problem asked in Interpretation IX-10-23. A welder was qualified on a groove weld test coupon of 10 mm thickness. The welder deposited 2.5 mm thickness of the groove using E6010 … Read more