Underwater Shielded Metal Arc Welding Electrodes

Commercial manufacturers have made significant progress in the development of waterproofing systems for wet welding electrodes. Details of these systems are proprietary to each manufacturer; however, the results of their cumulative efforts have produced a new generation of wet welding electrodes. Certain electrodes are manipulative types for use in all positions. With the correct welding … Read more

Underwater Welding: Wet Welding

In underwater welding, the wet welding process used for salvage operations is usually a simple underwater joining technique. The materials required are commercially manufactured shielded metal arc equipment and waterproofed electrodes. Minimal ancillary devices are needed. These include lighting, staging, and hand tools. There are advantages to wet welding. The underwater welder can work freely on … Read more

Underwater Welding – Mechanical Barriers

Cofferdams And Caissons Cofferdams and caissons are used at the water’s edge or in the splash zone and below the water surface. While the structure excludes the surrounding water from the work area, its upper section is open to the atmosphere. This technique is depth-limited by the physical size of the cofferdam. Typical applications include … Read more