Oxy-Acetylene Welding Of Steel

The term steel does not mean any one single composition. It is a vast variety of alloys that can all be called steel. If the metal has only carbon, and does not contain any other intentionally added alloy (except the impurities), then it is called plain carbon steel. Sometimes, elements such as vanadium, chromium, molybdenum, … Read more

Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC)

Plasma arc cutting works on the same basic principles as the plasma arc welding. A column of hot ionized plasma issues from a constricting nozzle at a high velocity, and melts the base metal. It then removes molten metal to produce a kerf. In this article, we shall see in brief about the various components … Read more

Oxyacetylene Cutting Equipment

The cutting torch is an important component of the oxyacetylene cutting equipment. In this article, we shall see in brief about the construction of the torch. Later in the article, principles of the cutting operation have been discussed in very brief. Oxyacetylene Cutting Torch The oxyacetylene cutting torch appears similar in construction to the oxyacetylene … Read more

Acetylene Cylinders: Welding Equipment

Acetylene is an extensively used gas in welding industry. It is used for both welding and cutting operations. In most fabrications industries, acetylene cylinders are a common sight. It is important to understand the right storing pressure, behaviour of acetylene, how it is stored inside the cylinder, how to operate the cylinder safely, etc. for … Read more

OxyFuel Cutting with MAPP Gas

While cutting with acetylene is more common, oxyfuel cutting with MAPP gas can be used with equally good results as well. Cutting with MAPP gas is similar to cutting with acetylene gas in combination with oxygen. This article discusses a few differences. Cutting With MAPP Gas The right combination of parameters such as preheating flame, oxygen pressure, … Read more

Setting up Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment

Acetylene is an explosive gas at high concentrations, but it is a useful commodity used in the oxyacetylene welding. It should always be handled by trained hands in a systematic fashion. Setting up the equipment error-free is therefore important. It is important that a fire extinguisher in working condition be kept at hand to deal … Read more

Acetylene Generator

Acetylene is a heavily used gas in oxy-acetylene welding. It is an organic substance, composed of only carbon and hydrogen at the molecular level. Its’ molecular construction consists of two carbon atoms bonded to each other through a triple bond. Each carbon atom in turn is bonded to one hydrogen atom through a single bond. … Read more

Can Your Welding Machine TIG Weld Aluminum?

A considerable number of people ask about welding machine requirements in order to TIG weld aluminum with direct current. TIG weld Aluminum with Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP) or DC(+) Can you TIG weld aluminum without AC and a High-Frequency box? Yes, you can actually weld aluminum with a low-cost DC power supply. It doesn’t make it any … Read more

How to TIG Weld Stainless Steel Effectively: Preventing Carbide Precipitation

In order to effectively weld stainless steel with tungsten inert gas welding process, it is important to consider carbide precipitation. TIG Weld Stainless Steel : Carbide Precipitation What is Carbide Precipitation? Carbide precipitation is said to occur when the chromium and carbon in 300 series stainless steels are drawn out of the microstructure and react with atmospheric … Read more