P-Number As Per ASME Section IX

When a PQR has been qualified with base metals of a certain P-Number (or a combination of P-Numbers), that PQR can be used in production for joining base metals of only certain P-numbers. Which P-Numbers are those? Where is this subject addressed in Section IX? This article answers these questions. The article begins with explaining … Read more

A-Number On A WPS

This article discusses about the subject of A-Number on a WPS. The article begins with an introduction of A-number, then explains how to apply it vis-à-vis the rules of ASME Section IX. It goes on to explain various methods of determining A-number. Towards the end of the article, it explores a little the question of … Read more

WPS Qualification For Pressure Retaining Fillet Welds

This article lets you know about WPS qualification for fillet welds – pressure retaining as well as non-pressure retaining ones. At the end, a couple of paragraphs also address the subject of performance qualification for pressure retaining fillet welds. Procedure Qualification For Fillet Welds We know that, ordinarily, the WPS qualification for a fillet joint … Read more

Weld Reinforcement In Welder Qualification

This article addresses a couple of questions surrounding the subject of weld reinforcement in welder qualification. I have tried to explore the intent of Section IX on this. Should the weld reinforcement be removed once welding of the welding performance qualification coupon is over? Must it be removed? Is it permitted to remove it? Read … Read more

Weld Thickness For Welder Qualification

In this article I will discuss the subject of qualified weld thickness for welder qualification. This includes the maximum qualified weld thickness and minimum qualified weld thickness. A small section at the end also addresses the qualified base metal thickness for welder qualification, and qualified weld thickness for welding operators as well. Thickness Of Weld … Read more

With And Without Backing For Welder Qualification

Welding without backing takes greater skill on the part of welder. Which is why, Section IX has listed deletion of backing as an essential variable for welder qualification. This article will let you know about the various aspects of with and without backing for welder qualification. The latter half of the article gives some attention … Read more