Welding Procedure Qualification As Per ASME Section IX

In this article, I have discussed various aspects related to welding procedure qualification in accordance with ASME BPVC Section IX. These observations are borne out of almost a decade long personal experiences on this subject. What is a Welding Procedure Specification? Simply put, a WPS, short for Welding Procedure Specification, is a document (generally not … Read more

How to Address Groove Design and Root Spacing on a WPS

This article discusses about the subject of root spacing and groove design. How to address these variables on a WPS made in accordance with ASME Section IX? Let’s begin right away. Groove Design Groove design is a non-essential variable for most processes, except EBW. So a change from one groove type to another does not … Read more

ASME Section IX – Interesting Tidbits

Section IX of ASME BPVC is a qualification standard for welding procedures and welding operators. It is a very widely used standard today. In some places, it is a statutory requirement – that is, it is mandated by law. In other places, it is adopted by companies for welding qualifications. Sometimes it becomes compulsory by … Read more

Dissimilar Base Metal Thicknesses

This article discusses in some detail the subject of dissimilar base metal thicknesses for welding procedure qualification in the context of ASME Section IX. A couple of ASME Interpretations have been made use of to explain some points. What Constitutes Dissimilar Base Metal Thickness? QW 451 sets the limits for qualified base metal thicknesses for … Read more

Welding Qualifications: An Interplay

In my workplace, we do three kinds of welding qualifications: Welding Procedure Qualification. Welder Performance Qualification. Lot Qualification. The first two welding qualifications are common to any shop engaged in manufacture of Coded components. The third one, the Lot Qualification, is not a requirement of Section IX. Its’ requirement, instead, comes from the construction code … Read more

ASME Interpretations: Does ASME Make Mistakes?

ASME Interpretations have been extensively cited across a large number of articles on this website to establish a point. The Interpretations published every year bear the sanctity of the respective Committee’s consideration, and are as good as the Code itself. This article is a short commentary representing this blog’s views regarding various aspects of ASME … Read more

Practice Case 14 – Exemption to Supplementary Essential Variables

This article discusses a question which has become pertinent only after the 2021 edition of Section IX. The 2021 edition of Section IX exempts P-No. 8, P-Nos. 21-26, and P-Nos. 41-49 from several of the supplementary essential variables. In fact, this exemption is now applicable to all of the supplementary essential variables. However, what happens … Read more