Welding And Weld Symbols

Welding cannot take its proper place as an engineering tool unless means are provided for conveying the information from the designer to the workmen. Welding symbols provide the means of placing complete welding information on drawings. The scheme for the symbolic representation of welds on engineering drawings used in this manual is consistent with the … Read more

Elements of a Welding Symbol

A distinction is made between the terms “weld symbol” and “welding symbol”. The weld symbol (fig. 3-3) indicates the desired type of weld. The welding symbol (fig. 3-2) is a method of representing the weld symbol on drawings. The assembled “welding symbol” consists of the following eight elements or any of these elements as necessary: … Read more

Sections Of A Weld

The following terms are used to describe the parts or sections of a weld: Fusion Zone (Filler Penetration) The fusion zone is the area of base metal melted as determined in the cross-section of a weld. Leg Of A Fillet Weld The leg of a fillet weld is the distance from the root of the joint … Read more