Welding Helmets, Shields, Masks

Below are some questions that are often asked regarding the choice of a welding helmet, shield, or mask: What shade lens should I use for a particular type of welding? All properly designed quality welding lenses have a screen that filters out 100 percent of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelengths and provides … Read more

Acetylene Cylinders: Safety

CAUTION: If **acetylene cylinders **have been stored or transported horizontally (on their sides), stand cylinders vertically (upright) for 45 minutes prior to (before) use. a. Always refer to acetylene by its full name and not by the word “gas” alone. Acetylene is very different from city or furnace gas. Acetylene is a compound of carbon and … Read more

Welding Protective Equipment

The electric welding arc is a very powerful source of light, including visible, ultraviolet, and infrared. Welding protective equipment and clothing should be worn during all welding operations. During all oxy acetylene welding and cutting processes, operators must use safety goggles to protect the eyes from heat, glare, and flying fragments of hot metals. During … Read more