Butt Weld Vs Socket Weld: How Are They Different?

Welding techniques in piping industry have expanded significantly over the last few decades to provide better outcomes for welding tasks. As a result of it, there are plenty of welding processes and techniques present today, ultimately making it difficult to choose the right one for a specific welding job. Welders need to thoroughly understand how … Read more

Pipe Welding Positions

Pipe welding positions are dictated by the job. Pipe welds are made under many different requirements and in different welding situations.  In general, the position is fixed, but in some cases can be rolled for flat-position work. Positions and procedures for welding pipes are outlined below. Horizontal pipe rolled Weld(1) Align the joint and tack weld or … Read more

Pipe Welding Process

Pipe Welding :  General The most commonly used processes for joining pipes are the manual oxyacetylene process and manual shielded metal-arc process. Automatic and semiautomatic submerged arc, inert gas metal-arc, and atomic hydrogen welding are also used. particularly in shop operations. The manual shielded metal-arc process may be used for welding all metals used in … Read more