Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders are used in many welding operations. Below are some basic safety procedures that should be followed. When dealing with compressed gases, Always refer to oxygen by its full name and not by the word “air” alone Oxygen should never be used for “air” in any way.WARNING  Oil or grease in the presence of oxygen … Read more

Machine Shop: Jigs and Fixtures

The primary purpose of jigs and fixtures in the machine shop is to align the tool and hold the workpiece properly during machining. A fixture is a device that holds the work while cutting tools are in operation. It differs from a jig in that it has no guides or special arrangements for guiding tools. … Read more

Exothermic Electrodes Oxygen Requirements

Exothermic cutting consumes a large volume of oxygen; therefore, a 3/8-inch inside diameter oxygen hose is required to maintain sufficient volume. The hose size is important because it is the oxygen volume together with heat that does the cutting while the pressure blows the slag away. A high volume, high flow regulator capable of delivering … Read more

Aluminum Brazing

a. Aluminum Brazing. Many **aluminum alloys **can be brazed. Aluminum brazing alloys are used to provide an all-aluminum structure with excellent corrosion resistance and good strength and appearance. The melting point of the brazing filler metal is relatively close to that of the material being joined. However, the base metal should not be melted; as a … Read more

Surface Hardening of Steel

Surface Hardening of Steel: General. Low carbon steel cannot be hardened to any great extent because of its low carbon content, yet the surface can be hardened by means of case hardening. The hardening is accomplished by increasing the carbon content of the surface only. Case Hardening. This process produces a hard surface resistant to wear … Read more

Welding Stresses and Cracking

In this section,*** welding stresses and their effect on weld cracking*** are explained. Factors related to weldment failure include weld stresses, cracking, weld distortion, lamellar tearing, brittle fracture, fatigue cracking, weld design, and weld defects. When weld metal is added to the metal being welded, it is essentially cast metal. Upon cooling, the weld metal … Read more

Welding Over Paint

There are a couple of welding problems that require some explanation and solutions. These are welding over paint and painting of welds. Welding over paint is discouraged. In every code or specification, it is specifically stated that welding should be done on clean metal. In some industries, however, welds are made over paint, and in another flame, cutting … Read more

Machine Shop: Mechanical Drawings and Blueprints

Mechanical Drawings A mechanical drawing, made with special instruments and tools, gives a true representation of an object to be made, including its shape, size, description, material to be used, and method of manufacture. Blueprints A blueprint is an exact duplicate of a mechanical drawing. These are the most economical and satisfactory working drawings in use. … Read more

Ornamental Welding

Founded in 1985 and with over 20 years of experience, Maine Welding Company is devoted to ornamental welding which builds visual appeal and character for your home, office, or business. Your unique custom welding designs and fabrication can be created with a quality hand-forged process using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Ornamental welding by Maine Welding Company brings style, individuality, … Read more