TIG Welding Equipment.

The basic features of TIG welding equipment used in TIG welding are shown in figure 10-33. The major components required for TIG welding are: TIG welding Equipment

TIG Welding Equipment : Includes

(1) the TIG welding machine, or power source

(2) the TIG welding electrode holder and the tungsten electrode

(3) the TIG welding shielding gas supply and controls

(4) Several optional accessories are available, which include a foot rheostat to control the current while welding, water circulating systems to cool the electrode holders, and arc timers.


There are ac and dc TIG welding power units with built-in high frequency generators designed specifically for TIG welding. These automatically control gas and water flow when welding begins and ends. If the electrode holder (torch) is water-cooled, a supply of cooling water is necessary. Electrode holders are made so that electrodes and gas nozzles can readily be changed. Mechanized TIG welding equipment may include devices for checking and adjusting the welding torch level, equipment for work handling, provisions for initiating the arc and controlling gas and water flow, and filler metal feed mechanisms.