Underwater Cutting Oxygen Purity: Grounding the Work

Underwater Cutting Oxygen Purity The oxygen purity for all underwater oxygen cutting should be 99.5 percent or greater. As the oxygen purity is reduced, so is the cutting efficiency. A one percent decrease in oxygen purity will result in a 25 percent reduction in cutting speed. In addition, the quality of the cut decreases, and … Read more

Underwater Cutting & Welding

Oxygen arc cutting Steel-Tubular Electrodes  Oxygen arc cutting Steel-Tubular Electrodes The oxygen arc cutting steel-tubular electrode consists of a steel tube with a waterproofed  flux coating which is applied during the manufacturing process. The electrode is 14 inches long with a 5/16-inch outer diameter and a bore diameter of slightly less than 1/8 inch. The… Read … Read more

Underwater Cutting

One of the major tasks in underwater cutting and welding of the Salvor is the refloating of stranded vessels and the clearance of navigable harbor areas of wrecks and grounded ships. Most often this requires the use of underwater cutting equipment. This section presents detailed technical information and procedures to be used while engaged in underwater cutting … Read more