TIG Welding Equipment

The basic features of TIG welding equipment used in TIG welding are shown in figure 10-33. The major components required for TIG welding are:  TIG Welding Equipment : Includes (1) the TIG welding machine, or power source (2) the TIG welding electrode holder and the tungsten electrode (3) the TIG welding shielding gas supply and controls (4) Several optional accessories are … Read more

TIG Welders

Lincoln Precision Tig Welder 225  Lincoln Precision Tig  Welder 225 The* Lincoln Precision TIG Welder* 225 gives you the “Power to Perform”, for general fabrication, automotive/motorsports, vocational schools or serious hobby work. Micro-Start™ II Technology delivers precision arc performance to improve arc starting, welding and weld cratering. Features like patented Auto-Balance™ and a built-in simple… Read … Read more