MIG Welding Machines

MIG welding machines are easy to use. Almost anyone can buy a MIG welding machine and be welding just minutes after plugging in the machine. Because of this, MIG welding machines have become very popular in recent years. MIG welding machines have come a long way since the 1980s, due to technological advancements and inventions designed … Read more

MIG Welding Equipment

Gas metal arc or MIG welding equipment consists of a welding gun, a power supply, a shielding gas supply, and a wire-drive system that pulls the wire electrode from a spool and pushes it through a welding gun. A source of cooling water may be required for the welding gun. In passing through the gun, the wire … Read more

Miller 140 MIG Welder

Miller 140 MIG Welder with Auto-Set Amperage Rating: 140 DC Input Voltage: 115 Phase: Single Duty Cycle: 90A/[email protected]% Width: 10-5/8 Height: 17-1/2 Automatically setting voltage and wire feed speed for your MIG welding application, the Millermatic® 140 MIG welder with Auto-Set makes it easy to dial in the right welding parameters. Use Auto-Set when you … Read more