Fuel Gas Cylinders

Although the most familiar fuel gas used for cutting and welding is acetylene, propane, natural gas, and propylene are also used. Store these fuel gas cylinders in a specified, well-ventilated area or outdoors, and in a vertical condition. Any cylinders should have their caps on, and fuel gas cylinders, either filled or empty, should have … Read more

Acetylene Cylinders: Safety

CAUTION: If **acetylene cylinders **have been stored or transported horizontally (on their sides), stand cylinders vertically (upright) for 45 minutes prior to (before) use. a. Always refer to acetylene by its full name and not by the word “gas” alone. Acetylene is very different from city or furnace gas. Acetylene is a compound of carbon and … Read more

Acetylene Cylinders: Welding Equipment

Acetylene cylinders are part of many welding and cutting operations. For welding purposes, acetylene is contained in three common cylinders with capacities of 1, 60, 100, and 300 cu ft. Acetylene must not be drawn off in volumes greater than 1/7 of the cylinder’s rated capacity. In order to decrease the size of the open spaces … Read more