Properly*** shutting down Oxyacetylene welding equipment*** is important for maintaining a safe work environment.
Below are the steps to follow when welding is finished:
Shut off the gases. Close the acetylene valve first, then the oxygen valve on the torch. Then close the acetylene and oxygen cylinder valves.

Drain the regulators and hoses by the following procedures:

(1) Open the torch acetylene valve until the gas stops flowing and the gauges read zero, then close the valve.

(2) Open the torch oxygen valve to drain the oxygen regulator and hose. When gas stops flowing and the gauges read zero, close the valve.

(3) When the above operations are performed properly, both high and low pressure gauges on the acetylene and oxygen regulators will register zero.

 Release the tension on both regulator screws by turning the screws to the left until they rotate freely.

 Coil the hoses without kinking them and suspend them on a suitable holder or hanger. Avoid upsetting the cylinders to which they are attached.