There are two types of electrodes used for oxygen arc cutting:

Steel-tubular (manufactured by Arcair) and the exothermic types (Arcair’s Sea-Jet and BROCO’s Ultrathermic).
These electrodes provide excellent cutting results and can be used with a constant current DC welding generator set on straight polarity (electrode negative) supplying current to the electrode. With the work grounded, the electrode will ignite as it touches the work. Oxygen Arc is preferred because it cuts plain and low-carbon steel easily.

**Oxygen arc cutting Principles of Operation **

Oxygen arc cutting is defined as an oxygen cutting process in which metal is severed by means of the chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at elevated temperatures.
The heat of the arc brings the metal to its kindling temperature, then a high velocity jet of pure oxygen is directed through a tubular cutting electrode at the heated spot. The metal oxidizes and is blown away. The tip of the electrode, which is exposed to both heat and oxidation, is consumed in the process and must be replaced frequently.