Ornamental Welding

Founded in 1985 and with over 20 years experience, Maine Welding Company is devoted to ornamental welding which builds visual appeal and character for your home, office or business.

Your unique custom welding designs and fabrication can be created with a quality hand-forged process using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Ornamental welding by Maine Welding Company brings style, individuality and quality to your environment.
Whether it is an intricate wrought iron gate for your entryway, an elaborate staircase or a decorative entry rail, each hand crafted welded piece is your personal work of art defined by the skills that can only be expressed through hand craftsmanship.

Ornamental welding includes gates, fences, doors, railings, window bars and custom wrought iron creations, as well as custom interior and exterior ornamental welding of aluminum, stainless and steel.

With ornamental welding, we strive to create highly functional, beautifully crafted pieces that will enhance the lives of anyone who encounters them.

Often times we will see very talented blacksmiths, that don’t have that much welding experience. We have many years welding as well as traditional blacksmith experience, which enables the creation of high quality, aesthetically pleasing pieces that will last.