Exothermic Cutting Technique (Concrete, Rock and other Non-Conductive Materials).

When cutting non-conductive materials, a striker plate attached to the ground cable is necessary to strike an arc. The striker plate is placed next to the material to be cut. Call for SWITCH ON, squeeze the trigger slightly, drag the electrode across the striker plate and the electrode will ignite. Once the electrode is ignited, maintain the oxygen flow. Call for SWITCH OFF. If electrode ignition is lost, reignite it from the striker plate by repeating the procedure. Each subsequent electrode must be ignited from the striker plate in the same manner.

The following procedure is recommended:

a. For best results, use the 3/8-inch electrode. Ignite the electrode with a striker plate.
b. Press the tip into the material to create a molten pool. As the material melts, periodically
move the electrode in and out to allow the oxygen to blow the molten material