Welding High Carbon Steels

High carbon steels are those with a carbon content exceeding 0.55 percent. These are very difficult to weld because they are prone to cracking which is the most usual problem in carbon steels. Special measures are required to be incorporated in the welding procedure in order to avoid a hard microstructure that is brittle, and does … Read more

Welding Aluminum

Aluminum is a very sought after material due to its many desirable properties. Some of these properties are: lightweight, excellent strength to weight ratio, easy machinability, formability, and weldability. Although pure aluminium has limited usability, it has vast usage when it is alloyed with few alloys. Fabrication using aluminium involves welding. And welding aluminum requires … Read more

Welding Stainless Steel vs Aluminum

The question of Stainless steel vs Aluminum often arises when considering components for a number of applications. Welding stainless steel is comparatively easier, however quality welds can be obtained with aluminum too if one understands its’ behavior. Fatigue Strength and Life Stainless steel has 5-10 times the fatigue strength (resistance to bending & vibration) of aluminum pipe. … Read more